Curves Ahead

What do you need to build a guitar? Here is a basic list of the tools you will need. Tools that made this list are tools that I use on every build OR tools that I have used in the past until I replace them with more expensive tools. 

In Part 1 we looked at things to cut straight. Now we look at cutting curves. There are several tools that are good at cutting curves. Top among them is the band saw. Though a pricy tool, I find many seasoned woodworkers call bandsaws the most valuable tool in the shop and often the one they could not live without. If you are going to break the bank on a tool, I would recommend it be the bandsaw. I do not personally own a band saw, but it is on my wish list.

  1.  Band Saw - A good band saw can do many, many things beyond cutting curves including ripping, re-sawing, cutting veneer.
  2. Jig Saw - Super flexible and cheap
  3. Coping Saw - If you like working with hand tools you can get sone of these cheap

I will not include a router or other rotatory saw in this list, as they simply are not amazing at cutting controlled curves.  (Also, I am saving them for shaping tools in the next part.)

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