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The Dean Vendetta is a work-horse of a super-strat. Overall a really solid guitar for an unbelievable price. The thin speed neck and super high output humbucker design that lends itself to hard rock and metal. 

After two years of nearly weekly playing the Dean Vendetta has held up well. The tuning stability is rock solid, requiring only minor tuning even after weeks of playing (or sitting around). 

The only two items I took issue with was the response range of the humbuckers and the faulty ness of the pickup selector. 

If you don't have a bandsaw, this is the tool to use for cutting out guitar bodies. This 6 amp Black and Decker Jig Saw will cut the hardest woods like the inch and a half rock hard hickory body of the HardrRocker.  Remember, hickory is hardest commonly available domestic wood on the Janka Hardness Scale. That is how the HardRocker got its name. I was not concerned about denting or scratching the HardRocker body.