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11 Sep

Advanced Drupal Content Filter on the Content list page

Published by Mark W. Breneman

This is a must have for sites with large amounts of content.

CMF adds several fields to the standard filters on the content list page, including a substring search box on title and maybe body?

08 Sep

Hide your Dev site behind a password

Published by Mark W. Breneman

Ok, I have been looking for this Drupal Module for sometime now. I heard about it a year ago and have looked for it several times since.

05 Aug

Custom Formatters - Create Custom Drupal Formats

Published by Mark W. Breneman

Custom Formatters

The Custom Formatters module allows users to easily create custom CCK Formatters without the need to write a custom module.

05 Aug

Deployment - Move Drupal Data from Dev to Production Servers

Published by Mark W. Breneman


The deployment framework is a series of modules which are designed to allow developers to easily stage Drupal data from one site to another. This includes content (nodes, taxonomy, users, etc.) as well as configuration (views, content types, system settings, etc.).