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07 Jul

A few taxonomy tools that I need to take a closer look at

Published by Mark W. Breneman

Taxonomy hide | drupal.orgThis module allows to setup a list of vocabularies whose terms will not be listed during node view.
Optionally, when a node is displayed, this module can also group its
list of terms by vocabulary, rather than just listing the terms in the
plain alphabetical order normally provided by Drupal.Taxonomy RoleThe purpose of this module is to provide a way to restrict which

17 Jun

Free online site map tool

Published by Mark W. Breneman

Write maps looks like a fantastic and simple web based site map tool.  I look forward to using it.

10 Jun

LayerStyles is a handy Box styler

Published by Mark W. Breneman

just like your favorite graphics editor but in your browser. And it creates CSS.Maybe it could save some time and replace a few graphic buttons with a div or two with CSS?

07 Jun

A few ways to print all Drupal variables on a page

Published by Mark W. Breneman

To get the out put a view:In a global "null" Argument with php code of: dpm($view);

12 May


Published by Mark W. Breneman

As the domain name implies. Collect Poll results via Text, email, twitter and web

06 May

Hierarchical Select Taxonomy

Published by Mark W. Breneman

Here is a really neat way to make Hierarchical  Taxonomy into "Smart" multi drop downs.

18 Apr

XML views and DIY Map

Published by Mark W. Breneman

So I am wondering if I can mate XML views and DIY Map. Stay tunedDIY

Free clickable maps in Flash customized by data in a text file.Views Datasource | drupal.orgused as data sources for Semantic Web clients and web mash-ups. Views Datasource plugins output content from node lists created in the Drupal Views interface in a variety of formats - XML data do