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I made a mistake. A big mistake. About a 150-hour mistake. Well, OK… let’s call it a learning experience.  It all started simply enough. Hey, this dye works on fabric, I can get it at walmart, it’s cheap. Win-Win. I’m sure it will work on wood. Sure enough, it did. It looked fantastic. Then it all went bad. Really bad.

How can something so good be so cheap?  The Tune-o-matic Guitar Bridge Roller Saddle by BQLZR is a high-value roller bridge. I have been nothing but pleased with this bridge. The only complaint I have is due to my fault. If you try to raise the bridge height with any amount of string tension, you need to use a bridge jack. I snapped the threaded adjustors when trying to raise the bridge with a pair of pliers. 

The bridge has piles of adjustments that allow you to get the correct intonation and string height. 

If you don't have a bandsaw, this is the tool to use for cutting out guitar bodies. This 6 amp Black and Decker Jig Saw will cut the hardest woods like the inch and a half rock hard hickory body of the HardrRocker.  Remember, hickory is hardest commonly available domestic wood on the Janka Hardness Scale. That is how the HardRocker got its name. I was not concerned about denting or scratching the HardRocker body.

I was not sure what to expect from a guitar neck for $45. What I received was a fantastic neck that I am very happy with the look and quality. I used this neck on the TeleNut. After a few months, I did a minimal fret dressing on the 12+ frets, mostly on the high E side of things (String 1, 2 an 3). To fix a fret or two that was a hair bit high and caused a bit of buzz. 

I will use this neck again. I highly recommend. I am rather concerned that Amazon seems to have a very low stock of these unfinished necks.

I picked these up on a whim and for about the cost of a new set of strings, I upgraded the factory pickups on my Dean super strat. Good sharp high-end. I was looking for improved mid-range that was getting lost in any mix with the factory pups. I swapped these out not expecting much, and I was really impressed. 

If you are looking to change things up a bit, give them a try. Then tell me what you think, you will not be disappointed.